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Storm Damage in Montgomery, WV.

The area I live was hit extremely hard by the storms that blew threw on June 29, 2012.  We lost power at my home for five days.  We lost water after the first 48 hours.  I am utterly exhausted and a little shell shocked.  While I did not mind being without lights so much, being without water while having a two-year old during 100 degree weather was scary.  Seeing huge military vehicles roll into your town to provide things as basic as a meal and drinking water was also quite unnerving.  

While I sit here typing, many are still without.  I drove through the countryside to visit my parents, who are still powerless, today I was chilled by the damage.  Poles snapped in half and hanging from wires.  Homes smashed by trees.  Roofs blown completely off. And, a fire station turned into an emergency food bank packed with countless families.  Please send your thoughts to these folks.  

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